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Firecracker Fusilli – 5/16/17

We used to have a restaurant nearby called Fuzio’s that served a dish called Firecracker Fusilli. It went out of business here but I see that it is still in San Francisco and Modesto. Anyway, it was a spicy pork … Continue reading

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Pulled pork sandwich – 5/13/17

Pork shoulder roast was only $.99/lb. How could we pass that up? John cooked it in the slow cooker which meant we were free to go out and do other things – like play tennis! He separated the meat from … Continue reading

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Tacos with an Asian twist – 4/23/17

I bought a spice at Penzey’s, Singapore Seasoning. It smelled really good, warm and inviting. We were supposed to be having pork tacos tonight. But do they need to be tacos with Mexican spices? Why not dry rub the pork … Continue reading

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Pork fried rice – 4/22/17

Happy Earth Day! To help save the earth we had a dinner that was mostly vegetables and rice.

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July 14, 2016 – Guiltless (or maybe less guilt) Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and black beans

Recently I was watching a program on how to improve the quality of one’s eating. Some nutrition expert was saying that you can eat whatever you want as long as you make it. Well, that would really slow me down … Continue reading

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